The internet is constantly evolving as a result of international technological improvements, and over the past few decades has helped create a more connected world. Just as technology becomes ever more prominent on our lives, its implications and effects on our mental health change. Studies have revealed that overuse of the internet, particularly social media, can increase feelings of depression and dependency, while too much time spent reading negative news or information online can heighten anxiety. However, the internet and new technologies have also helped therapists and professionals advance treatment methods and more easily connect with patients, an adaptation especially crucial in rural or under-served areas.

Thousands of people on Twitter are responding to what this CEO said when his employee took a ‘mental health day off’

Madalyn Parker, a web developer from Olark Live Chat, took to Twitter to share what happened when she was upfront with her colleagues about taking sick leave for her mental well-being. Nearly 10,000 people have retweeted her latest tweet, and many are responding with their own stories — both positive and negative.

How Cyberbullying and Twitter Attacks Can Wreck Your Mental Health

Those sorts of Twitter sprees have become a regular tactic Trump employs against those he feels have wronged him. But they’re also the kind of cyberbullying that can wreak havoc on mental health, especially among young Americans—ironic considering that First Lady Melania Trump has expressed a desire to combat cyberbullying while still defending her husband, Read more

UCLA offers transcranial magnetic stimulation to treat patients with depression

The Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA is one of a handful of hospitals and clinics nationwide that offer a treatment that works in a fundamentally different way than drugs. The technique, transcranial magnetic stimulation, beams targeted magnetic pulses deep inside patients’ brains — an approach that has been likened to rewiring Read more

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