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According to one study, depression costs the U.S. economy $210 billion annually. It strikes every race, social class, and geographical region. It affects highly accomplished professionals, children, and the elderly. Its human toll can be seen in work days lost, in its high co-occurrence with substance use disorders, and in the fact that suicide is now the 10th leading cause of death for Americans. Depression is the most common serious mental illness, and every advance in our understanding of its causes, treatments, and societal impact is deserving of attention.

Depression Among Heart Attack Survivors Can Be Deadly, Yet Is Often Ignored

Heart disease patients who become depressed are twice as likely to die within the following decade as other patients, according to an unpublished study presented in March at the American College of Cardiology’s annual meeting. Depression increased the risk of death more than any other risk factor in the study — even smoking, said lead Read more

Corpus Christi gets first support group for women with postpartum depression

The maternity wards at all Christus Spohn Health System hospitals have worked over the last two years to better support new mothers through their postpartum period. Each mother delivering her child in a Christus Spohn Health System hospital undergoes a psychological evaluation, according to registered nurse and patient educator Amy Weinhoff.

Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy and Intellectual Disability in Offspring Not Associated, Concludes Study

Of the 179,007 children in the study, an intellectual disability was diagnosed in 0.9% of those exposed to antidepressants and in 0.5% of those not exposed. However, when the data were adjusted for parental age, the psychiatric illness for which the mother was treated, and other variables unrelated to the medication, the increased risk disappeared Read more

Infertility Can Affect Mental Health, Says Ajayi

A foremost fertility expert in Nigeria and Medical Director, Nordica Fertility Centre, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, said mental health and infertility can be described as chicken and the egg. “We know infertile people are stressed, and this could lead to depression which is a mental disorder. So there is definitely an intercession between infertility and mental Read more

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