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Mental health services don’t exist in a vacuum. They are deeply influenced by developments in the greater health care landscape. These stories will give you an idea of what’s going with the Affordable Care Act, the health care workforce, efforts at institutional reform, government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, system-wide weakness in the provision of care, and efforts to address racial and ethnic disparities.

Study finds mental health court curbs recidivism

A new study has found that criminal defendants who graduated from mental health court demonstrated substantially reduced re-arrest rates a full three years following their release, the longest period of post-program behavior examined in a published study involving mental health courts and the clearest indicator yet of the potential for diversionary programs to ease the Read more

Mental healthcare: India needs to define rehabilitation, policy must take rights-based approach

The landmark Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 was passed unanimously by the Lok Sabha in March, 2017. As the new mental health legislation goes through implementation, there are still issues looming in the treatment and care of patients on the ground, and this is something that the implementation of the Act has not yet been able Read more

Latest Idea In The Battle Against Opioid Addiction: A ‘Soup To Nuts’ Recovery Campus

After the ravages of withdrawal, some will rely on willpower and a 12-step program to help them stay away from heroin. Others will move on to a residential or outpatient program where they’ll get counseling and medication to help curb cravings. When there are gaps between any of these stages, patients often relapse.

Behavioral health access was restricted under Affordable Care Act

Researchers wrote that the data suggest a patient in the Denver area would need to call seven to 10 psychiatrists, depending on the insurance company, to find an available appointment. “These findings are consistent with similar studies conducted in other regions, suggesting that access to outpatient behavioral health care is limited despite existing ACA regulations,” Read more

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