The ongoing effort to advance in our understanding of the causes of mental illnesses, as well as to develop and implement effective treatments, services and supports, is a global one. Here we curate some of the most interesting mental health-related news from outside the United States. Learn about the mental health challenges faced by people in some of the most distressed regions in the world, non-Western approaches to treating mental health conditions, and movements to overcome mental illness stigma in far-flung places.

We can use Australian Rules Football to boost school attendance and improve mental health in Indigenous communities

Our report, After the Siren: The community benefits of Indigenous participation in Australia Rules Football (AFL) found Indigenous children who participate in AFL have better physical and mental health than those who don’t. Children who played football were 6% less likely to be assessed as having learning difficulties due to health issues.

Ignoring Mental Illness is Among Pakistan’s Misplaced Priorities

In Pakistan, conservative estimates say that 13 percent of the population is afflicted with mental health problems. Given these figures, the WHO reports that: “Only 400 psychiatrists and five psychiatric hospitals exist across the entire country for a population exceeding 180 million. Roughly translating to an alarming psychiatrist-to-person ratio of 1 to half a million Read more

‘It’s Mental Health, Not Mental Police’: A Human Rights Approach to Mental Health Triage and Section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983

A human rights approach to the policing of mental ill-health raises fundamental questions about the vulnerability of people in the care of the police, the appropriateness of police interventions, and how societies define and delineate the role and function of the police and health sectors.

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