The ongoing effort to advance in our understanding of the causes of mental illnesses, as well as to develop and implement effective treatments, services and supports, is a global one. Here we curate some of the most interesting mental health-related news from outside the United States. Learn about the mental health challenges faced by people in some of the most distressed regions in the world, non-Western approaches to treating mental health conditions, and movements to overcome mental illness stigma in far-flung places.

Mental healthcare: India needs to define rehabilitation, policy must take rights-based approach

The landmark Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 was passed unanimously by the Lok Sabha in March, 2017. As the new mental health legislation goes through implementation, there are still issues looming in the treatment and care of patients on the ground, and this is something that the implementation of the Act has not yet been able Read more

Approaches to providing psycho-social support for children, teachers and other school staff, and social and emotional learning for children in protracted conflict situations

A psychosocial approach moves away from focusing on individual clinically based diagnoses to focusing on holistic, broad-based preventative programmes that promote resilience and develop coping strategies across the entire affected group.

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