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PODCAST – Nightmare at Noon: The UT Tower Shooting

Hogg Foundation offices were located in the UT tower when the shooting occurred and, following the event, the foundation was involved in implementing campus mental health services in response to the tragedy. In this podcast, we hear a Hogg Foundation employee’s first-person account of the UT tower shooting and the mental health questions that arose Read more

Nightmare at Noon: The UT Tower Shooting

“It is our community-mindedness and willingness to love one another, as well as our ability to resist fear, stigma, and scapegoating, that provides the surest bulwark against the dark forces that drive individuals, like Whitman, to perpetuate inexplicable acts upon their fellow human beings.” – Dr. Martinez Hogg Foundation offices were located in the UT Read more

PODCAST – Early Intervention in Psychosis

Evidence suggests that psychosis, in at least some cases, has a similar disease course to other chronic illnesses. Cancer, for example, progresses along a continuum, and we know that if we intervene early we can create optimal outcomes for a cancer diagnosis. More and more we’re seeing this understanding translate into care for psychosis as Read more

Understanding Obamacare

With the recent election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, there is a very real chance that Obamacare will be gutted or repealed. Because of that, it is perhaps ironic that Daniel Dawes’ book is entitled, 150 Years of ObamaCare. The book provides an indispensable insider’s point of view on the political challenges and compromises that Read more

Into the Fold, Episode 27: Child Welfare in Texas

Last December, U.S. District Judge Janis Jack ruled that the Texas foster care system was inadequate to the point of being unconstitutional. Most everyone is in agreement on what the major issues are: poorly trained foster parents, overwhelming case loads, high staff turnover, low pay. Whether or not the political wherewithal exists to fix the problem is Read more

Into the Fold, Episode 26: King Davis on the Segregated Past, the Fractured Present

The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health is on a mission, not just to catalyze systemic reforms in mental health, but also to use our accumulated knowledge and platform to address some of the world’s most vexing problems. In this episode, former Hogg executive director Dr. King Davis, in a wide-ranging discussion, talks about his monumental Read more

Into the Fold, Episode 25: Circuit Riders for Mental Health

William S. Bush is a professor of history at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. His forthcoming book, “Circuit Riders for Mental Health: The Hogg Foundation and the Transformation for Mental Health in Texas.” The book is an exhaustively researched and revealing look at the history of the Hogg Foundation, with a focus on its first three Read more

Into the Fold, Episode 24: A New Mental Health App Comes to UT

Health and wellness apps are much in the news these days, and now with Thrive@UT, the new mental health app geared toward students, The University of Texas at Austin has staked its own claim on this new frontier. In this episode of Into the Fold, Chris Brownson, Elana Bizer, and Katy Redd of UT Counseling Services Read more

Into the Fold, Episode 20: Sports and Mental Health

Brandon Marshall of the NFL’s New York Jets may have kickstarted a revolution when he started talking about his lived mental health experience in 2013. Since then, a number of high-profile athletes have opened up about their challenges as people living in two worlds: first, a society that still stigmatizes mental illness; second, the world Read more

Into the Fold, Episode 19: Psychology’s Reproducibility Crisis

How good is most psychological research? The field of psychology has long struggled with a reputation for not being a “real” science. Now, thanks to the Reproducibility Project, an ambitious attempt to replicate the findings of dozens of published studies, it seems to many that psychology research is at a crossroads. In this episode of Read more

Into the Fold, Episode 18: Community Health and Wellness

Dr. William Lawson is Associate Dean for Health Disparities at the Dell Medical School and Director of Community Health Programs and Professor at Huston-Tillotson where he leads the Sandra Joy Anderson Community Health and Wellness Center. This past spring, he was named the first director of the Sandra Joy Anderson Community Health and Wellness Center at Huston-Tillotson, a Read more

Into the Fold, Episode 14: You Can’t Just “Pray it Away.” An African American Minister on Mental Health

Even in an increasingly secular society, faith leaders play a large role in the lives of millions of people.  In African American communities in particular, there are many who will discuss their problems with their pastors before ever stepping foot in a therapist’s office. For this reason, the Hogg Foundation and others have begun to recognize Read more

Into the Fold, Episode 13: Luis Zayas on Deportation Threat and the Children of the Undocumented

It should come as no surprise that undocumented immigrants live stressful and chaotic lives. In particular, living under the constant threat of deportation and legal jeopardy exacts a psychological toll on their children. In this episode of Into the Fold, Dr. Luis Zayas (pictured above), Dean of the School of Social Work and the Robert Read more

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