Scales of justice

The law has a tremendous impact on the mental health field and vice versa. Laws, both proposed and currently on the books, about everything from involuntary commitment and privacy rights to the insanity defense and housing law, are constantly being debated in the political arena, in judicial battles, and among law enforcement.

‘It’s Mental Health, Not Mental Police’: A Human Rights Approach to Mental Health Triage and Section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983

A human rights approach to the policing of mental ill-health raises fundamental questions about the vulnerability of people in the care of the police, the appropriateness of police interventions, and how societies define and delineate the role and function of the police and health sectors.

Thank you, Sen. Schwertner, for being a champion of Texans with mental health challenges

Mental health policy in Texas is undergoing tremendous, positive change — and it’s happening relatively quickly. The 85th Legislature passed more than a dozen mental health-related bills. The new laws will impact a broad range of Texans, from children in foster care to veterans with post-traumatic stress to early intervention for children in poverty.

Repealing and Replacing Health Care Law Would Affect Our Criminal Justice System

Nearly 50 percent of people in the criminal justice system have a mental illness. Another reality is that offenders with a mental illness or substance use disorder have an 80 percent recidivism rate. We cannot punish mental illness out of someone, and there is nothing about prison or jail that fixes addiction or cognitive dysfunction.

Mental healthcare: India needs to define rehabilitation, policy must take rights-based approach

The landmark Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 was passed unanimously by the Lok Sabha in March, 2017. As the new mental health legislation goes through implementation, there are still issues looming in the treatment and care of patients on the ground, and this is something that the implementation of the Act has not yet been able Read more

LAPD union joins national push for feds to help prepare police for contacts with mentally ill

The L.A. Police Protective League is one of more than a dozen police unions nationwide — including those in New York, San Jose and Chicago — calling on the federal government to pay for crisis-intervention training, less-lethal devices and officers who team up with mental health professionals to respond to emergency calls.

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