Man holding rainbow LGBT flag
Several studies suggest that rates of major depression, generalized anxiety, and substance abuse are much higher in the LGBT community, particularly youth, compared to the general population. Continued discrimination, bullying, and violence aimed at the queer community has been cited as a root cause of high rates of mental illness and suicide. The RaRE Report, a recent study out of the UK, found that 34 percent of LGB people under the age of 26 had made at least one suicide attempt in their lives, compared to 18 percent of those who identified as heterosexual. For young trans people, this figure rose to 48 percent, compared to 26 percent of cisgender individuals. Many psychologists note the need for continued efforts to provide mental health services specifically tailored to the needs of LGBT individuals.

Against North Carolina’s HB2 Law: Mental Health And Discrimination Cannot Co-Exist

Guest post by Octavio N. Martinez, Jr., executive director of Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. This past May, the board of directors of Grantmakers in Health (GIH) decided to relocate the organization’s 2017 Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy from Charlotte, North Carolina, to another city. This difficult decision was made in light of the state Read more

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