Keith Conners, Psychologist Who Set Standard for Diagnosing A.D.H.D., Dies at 84

Keith Conners, whose work with hyperactive children established the first standards for diagnosing and treating what is now known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or A.D.H.D. — and who late in life expressed misgivings about how loosely applied that label had become — died on July 5 in Durham, N.C. He was 84.

Do patients who hear voices have the right to refuse psychiatric medicine? A growing movement says yes

This approach underlies a controversial international movement that raises fundamental questions about what it means to be mentally ill. The question at the heart of the debate: Do patients who hear voices have the right to direct their treatment, even if that means rejecting conventional therapies, such as psychiatric medication?

Pride in Mental Health: An Interview with Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund and

An interview with Jillian Weiss, Executive Director at Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund and Calvin Stowell, Chief Growth Officer at (which motivates young people to make positive change both online and offline through campaigns that make an impact) about the role of advocacy in LGBT mental health.

Psychedelic Drugs Could Radically Improve Asia’s Mental Healthcare — If It Wasn’t For Stigma

“In Asia, the stigma against psychedelics is so strong that few, if any, researchers have asked for government permission to explore their therapeutic potential,” says Brad Burge, the director of strategic communications at MAPS, a U.S. non-profit which advocates for MDMA research in psychotherapy.

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