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The mental health field is constantly changing. One major driver of these changes is the ever-evolving state of research on such topics as neuroscience, pharmacology, social psychology, the relationship between physical and mental health, substance use, and the social determinants of health (race, gender, class, national origin). Research and the endless search for evidence-based practices is at the heart of mental health, but sifting through the vast amounts being published is a daunting task. Nevertheless, we believe a public interest is served by giving readers a sampling of some of the current ideas, and controversies, in the area of mental health research.

The Social Ties between Autism and Schizophrenia

Scientists are starting to compare the social deficits autism and schizophrenia share, using a variety of methods, from eye tracking and behavioral assessments to electroencephalography (EEG). Some teams hope to expose the conditions’ common neurological roots, whereas others are drilling down into the differences.

Depression Among Heart Attack Survivors Can Be Deadly, Yet Is Often Ignored

Heart disease patients who become depressed are twice as likely to die within the following decade as other patients, according to an unpublished study presented in March at the American College of Cardiology’s annual meeting. Depression increased the risk of death more than any other risk factor in the study — even smoking, said lead Read more

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