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At all levels of education – primary, secondary, and post-secondary – there is a growing recognition of the importance of mental health. How to foster an education system that better serves the mental health needs of students, whether it’s at-risk youth, victims of school bullying, or stressed and depressed college students, is one of the most important questions facing mental health researchers, advocates, and policymakers.

Texas Leaders: Stop blaming students with disabilities and do your job

As parents and educators who know, love, teach and believe in the nearly 1 million Texas kids who have learning, physical, intellectual, sensory, behavioral or mental health disabilities, we will not stand by as these children are blamed for the failure of Texas elected officials to properly fund our schools, as their rights are whittled Read more

Department of Psychiatry and Hogg Foundation Partner to Revolutionize Health Professional Training

Dell Medical School is committed to revolutionizing how people get and stay healthy, with a particular focus on serving the most vulnerable and underserved populations. We know that mental health is critical to sustaining physical health, and so the Department of Psychiatry is leading the medical school’s efforts to integrate mental health services within all Read more

Emily Rooke-Ley receives Ima Hogg scholarship

Master’s student Emily Rooke-Ley has been selected by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health as a 2017 Ima Hogg Scholarship recipient. This award, in the amount of $5,000, will support Rooke-Ley’s studies prior to launching a career in providing mental health services to underserved and underrepresented individuals and their communities in Texas.

Approaches to providing psycho-social support for children, teachers and other school staff, and social and emotional learning for children in protracted conflict situations

A psychosocial approach moves away from focusing on individual clinically based diagnoses to focusing on holistic, broad-based preventative programmes that promote resilience and develop coping strategies across the entire affected group.

‘Mental health first aid training’ in schools is a sticking-plaster solution

A typical mental health first aid course includes a focus on signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, suicide, self-harm and eating disorders. But is a two-day course enough to cover the huge age and gender differences in how mental health is perceived by children and the subjective needs and experiences of individual children, as outlined Read more

GOP health-care bill could cut funds schools use to help special-ed students

Many school districts, already squeezed by shrinking state education budgets, say that to fill the hole they anticipate would be left by the Republican push to restructure Medicaid, they would either have to cut those services or downsize general education programs that serve all students.

Having a personality that’s different from average may increase teens’ risk of being bullied

Most of us remember kids at school who seemed a little different – less sociable, more introverted and fragile, perhaps – and that they often seemed to be the ones to get picked on or rejected. Maybe you remember because you were one of those kids and you know what is was like to not Read more

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