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Old Hillcrest can help fix statewide shortcomings in mental health

For a decade now, the Waco Tribune-Herald has strongly advocated for expansion of state mental-health hospital beds, not only to better address a problem far more prevalent in society than many of us might realize but also to relieve a major burden placed on long-suffering law enforcement agencies and hospital emergency-room staffs.

Ignoring Mental Illness is Among Pakistan’s Misplaced Priorities

In Pakistan, conservative estimates say that 13 percent of the population is afflicted with mental health problems. Given these figures, the WHO reports that: “Only 400 psychiatrists and five psychiatric hospitals exist across the entire country for a population exceeding 180 million. Roughly translating to an alarming psychiatrist-to-person ratio of 1 to half a million Read more

Proposed bill would help psychologists, psychiatrists adopt to electronic filing

The federal government has distributed more than $37 billion since 2011 in incentive payments to health care providers to adopt electronic health records. But psychologists, community mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, and others that specialize in treating addiction and mental health conditions do not qualify for this funding.

Mental health service to close; Valley Baptist cites reimbursements, costs among reasons

Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville will close its 37-bed Inpatient Behavioral Health Facility effective Aug. 20, according to a statement from the Health System. Valley Baptist Director of Marketing Teri Retana said that the system remains committed to delivering mental health services to residents of the community, however, and that the Outpatient Intensive Program at VBMC Brownsville Read more

Old, sick and scrambling to find a new home: ‘We are all nervous wrecks’

Barbara Reed says she has reached out to 20 assisted living centers and nursing homes in the past week since being told that Westchester Plaza, the state’s largest assisted-living facility for Medicaid recipients, will close next month. Reed suffers from anxiety, a congestive heart condition, depression, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and high blood pressure.

During a psychotic episode, two hospital visits couldn’t help; Community services did

At 6:30 p.m., he still wore his hospital wristbands from the night before — one on each arm. The patient, we’ll call him John, had been ping-ponged from hospital to hospital in the middle of a psychotic episode. At midnight, he took an ambulance ride strapped to a gurney from Columbus to Jackson, to the closest facility Read more

Latest Idea In The Battle Against Opioid Addiction: A ‘Soup To Nuts’ Recovery Campus

After the ravages of withdrawal, some will rely on willpower and a 12-step program to help them stay away from heroin. Others will move on to a residential or outpatient program where they’ll get counseling and medication to help curb cravings. When there are gaps between any of these stages, patients often relapse.

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