Suicidal Feelings:A person searches the website to find information on mental health issues. In the background a man sits alone in a chair.

More than anything else, mental health treatment is a move against self-destruction. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for adolescents and young adults, the leading cause of death for men under 35, and the leading cause of death for girls between the ages of 15 and 19 worldwide. Here you will find some of the latest research on factors that influence suicide rates and suicidal behavior, as well as deeply personal accounts of those who have grappled with this human tragedy.

Exploited, abused, neglected: Mental illness and solitary confinement in Texas prisons

I’ve known men to be confined in solitary less than one year and commit suicide. It’s not only the harassment, the terrible living conditions, cold food or the toxic water (see Comrade Malik’s “Texas Prisoners at Eastham Unit Challenge Contaminated Water and Deadly Heat in US Federal Courts”); it’s the other torture tactics implemented here.

Burden of physical health conditions linked to increased risk of suicide

Many people who die by suicide do not have a prior mental health diagnosis, which means that patients at an increased risk for self-harm are somehow being missed by the mainstream healthcare system. In an attempt to gain some insight into the disturbing rise in suicide rates and possible novel interventions, researchers examined whether there Read more

‘Teachers are attacked, criticised and micro-managed ─ it is no wonder that their mental health suffers’

Female primary school teachers are 42 per cent more likely to commit suicide than the average woman. People like me go into teaching to make a difference and help our youngest and most vulnerable members of society to grow and develop. Instead, we are attacked by the government, criticised by parents and micro-managed every minute Read more

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