Nonwhite Students Slow to Seek Mental Health Counseling

Surveys show that nonwhite students are often more stressed than their white classmates, but experts say they’re less likely to seek psychological help. This further complicates efforts to increase the proportion of black and Hispanic students who succeed in earning college and university degrees, and who graduate at rates lower than whites.

Pop health dashboard gives U.S. cities access to key data

The City Health Dashboard compiles county and state health-related data from multiple agencies, including the U.S. Census Bureau, the CDC, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Anyone will have access to the website that houses the dashboard, but the creators hope that policy makers and community leaders will use the information to make better decisions for the people Read more

Challenges for Insured Patients in Accessing Behavioral Health Care

A study determined that 9.8% to 59% of providers could offer a new patient appointment, with psychiatry appointments being particularly difficult to schedule. These findings are consistent with similar studies conducted in other regions, suggesting that access to outpatient behavioral health care is limited despite existing ACA regulations.

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