Marshall University receives grant to increase behavioral health providers in rural areas

Marshall University has been awarded more than $850,000 in effort to increase the number of behavioral health providers serving underserved populations and people in rural areas. “Providing funding to enhance behavioral health workforce capacity is a worthwhile investment,” said Amy Saunders, director of Marshall’s Wellness Center.

Trump’s deadline on ‘dreamers’ reverberates through health industries

Even with the ‘wind down process’ described by the administration, the implications of this action for medical students, residents and researchers with DACA status will interfere with their ability to complete their training and contribute meaningfully to the health of the nation,” said the Association of American Medical Colleges.

The government’s role in combating loneliness

Loneliness is hazardous to your health—and more psychologists and doctors are calling for a public-health campaign to fight it. “This has been underappreciated in the past,” says Julianne Holt-Lunstad, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Brigham Young University, “but cumulative data over hundreds of studies with millions of participants provides robust evidence of the Read more

Old Hillcrest can help fix statewide shortcomings in mental health

For a decade now, the Waco Tribune-Herald has strongly advocated for expansion of state mental-health hospital beds, not only to better address a problem far more prevalent in society than many of us might realize but also to relieve a major burden placed on long-suffering law enforcement agencies and hospital emergency-room staffs.

Pet Therapy For Mental Health: Four-Legged Volunteers Are Helping Patients

I am surrounded by psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health caregivers who are extremely talented, passionate, and caring. This dedicated staff works hard every day to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients, and now they have a volunteer staff of four-legged individuals that helps make their jobs just a bit easier.

Celebrating America’s Health Centers: The Key to Healthier Communities

This National Health Center Week we recognize health centers across our country and their important work to protect and promote the health of America. These hardworking and dedicated health care providers improve the nation’s and their community’s health by focusing on access, quality and cost.

$2 Million in Grants Awarded to Improve Mental Health in Schools

Seven Texas nonprofit entities are receiving grants from the Hogg Foundation to improve student academic achievement by supporting mental health. The grants continue the foundation’s commitment to child and adolescent mental health, its growing investment in early intervention and prevention, and its support of humane, evidence-based alternatives to punitive disciplinary practices.

Prescribing different approach to treating mental illnesses

“All too often resources that could be targeted to community-based early intervention are absorbed by expensive, mostly ineffective crisis management services and this is happening with the provision of other services throughout the country,” says Barry Kirker. He suggests placing registered health care professionals in high schools “will help improve physical health and reduce rates Read more

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